Back From The Brink: Saying No To Suicide

Suicide Survivors Tell Their Stories to Help Others


In January of 2015, Back From The Brink: Saying No To Suicide was published by Sartoris Literary Group.  It's a collection of 22 true stories of people who got to the point of suicide (myself included) and either stopped just before OR tried and lived.  My main goal is to remove the taboo of speaking openly about suicide by raising awareness in the hopes of saving lives in the process.  This book has also been helpful to those left behind after a suicide because it provides a window into the mind of someone at the moment they are contemplating suicide.  As a result, it has helped shed light on their frame of mind to others who would not get that opportunity otherwise.  It has been a calling for me to write this book and I'm trying to let as many people know as possible.  That's why I speak to as many groups as possible.  So far, I have spoken to civic groups, church groups, alcohol/drug rehab groups, teen political groups, and incarcerated juveniles.  I've had Letters to the Editor published in various newspapers/periodicals including The Clarion Ledger and The Carthaginian (Page 2).  My story was later featured in The Carthaginian (Page 15).

Author Chris Minshew was at a point in his life where he felt suicide was his only option.  He made it to the point of placing the pistol against his head.  Then something happened that brought him back from the brink of death.  That experience—and what he was able to learn and accomplish in subsequent years—convinced him to interview others who had shared his experience.  Back From The Brink is a collection of riveting stories told by individuals who either attempted suicide and failed—and then realized it was a bad choice—or individuals who have stepped back from that fatal choice and gone on to live satisfying lives filled with hope.  There is life after saying no to suicide.

The goal of this book is to raise awareness, especially amongst those who have never suffered this affliction.  This book was written for those individuals who have survived suicide attempts and want to build a new life—and for those who are contemplating suicide but want to find encouragement from others who understand their problems.

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Back From The Brink has garnered high praise, including: 

"There is power in the personal narrative. Back From The Brink is an intimate collection of stories provided by individuals who've survived attempting suicide.  This unique book gives a voice to a pervasive epidemic so many struggle to talk about.  These are stories that need to be heard."—J.L. Craig, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

"Who knows more about suicide than someone who has attempted it, or changed their mind at the last minute, and gone on to live a productive life?  Chris F. Minshew has done a public service by interviewing individuals who have attempted suicide and recovered, or who have journeyed to the brink of suicide and stepped back to say no to taking their own lives, himself included.  Their stories of struggle and redemption are inspirational.  This is an excellent book for anyone who is contemplating suicide because it shows there is always hope."—Kris Jones, MSW, Project Director, SAMSHA Suicide Prevention grant

"Through this compilation of the exceptional and courageous stories of those who have faced suicide, Chris Minshew provides a unique view into the agonizing struggle when one comes to the point of unbearable life.  The personal chronicles of those who have survived suicide are both touching and disturbing as they tap into the struggles for the reader who relates to this overwhelming experience.  This book will validate the sorrow of suicide, yet will offer hope for the return to life."—James D. Herzog, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

"Chris has taken a subject that people only speak about in hushed tones of embarrassment, or do not speak about at all.  But the topic of suicide should be spoken about for all to hear because it affects many people.  Back From The Brink brings this topic out of the darkest places of our soul and sheds light on it to let us all know, we are not alone in our scariest moments of loneliness and pain.  I applaud Chris for writing an honest truth about a taboo subject.  Bringing it out in the open will save lives."Jamie Roth, Author of The General Manager Of Your Universe.