Punchweasel's album "Not Approved by the FDA" is available on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon for download as of February 29th, 2012.

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Chris F. Minshew

Talents: Music Producer and Composer, Songwriting; Playing Guitar, Bass, Piano, 

& a bit of Harmonica

Passions: Truthe, Music, Poetry

Virtual Battle of the Bands

"Smile!" Comes in 3rd Place Overall!

First quarter 2010:  Thank you to everyone for voting in the Jackson Metromix Virtual Battle of the Bands.  Due to the dedicated support of all our fans, we made it all the way to the Final Four!  A quick recap: we won Round 1 against Emma Wynters & Round 2 against Wild Card Charlies.  Voting for Round 3 was a close race, but in the end Tonight in Stereo pulled ahead for the win. 
You can't win 'em all...  One consolation is that Tonight in Stereo won the entire contest (making us 3rd place overall).  We had fun and got tons of exposure and established a great network of people who love us and what we are doing.  Thanks to all of you again and keep coming back to scrotches.com and punchweasel.com for updates on our latest projects.

Weasel Knowledge: Spirit Totem
Weasel -- Imparts the ability to see beneath the surface of things to what the actual intent and meaning is. Weasels signify people who are willing to hear the divine word, but then do nothing with what they have heard. Punchweasels take this divine word and find a way through poetry and song to share it with the universe.  Punchweasels learn to develop their sense of inner hearing and they pay attention to their inner voice.